Checking Your Car Tread in Icy and Wet Weather Seasons

Icy and wet conditions, as opposed to hot and humid weather, is what normally concerns drivers. This is because wet and icy conditions have a way of degrading the tire tread because driving in such weather requires extra traction.

As such, it is important to check the tire tread and observe whether they are wearing out. In these harsh weather conditions, it is normally very hard to see whether that is happening. At our dealership, we have invented the “penny trick” to help you check your tire tread in such weather conditions. All you need to do is insert a penny in between the tread grooves, and ensure Abraham Lincoln’s face is upside down. If you are able to see all of his head, then it is time to get your tires changed.

If you visit Donley Ford Lincoln of Mt. Vernon Inc., we can sort you out using a more modernized way of checking your car tread using wear bar indicators.
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