Sand, kitty litter, and salt can be useful in the winter

We here at Donley Ford Lincoln of Mt. Vernon Inc. know that there are few people in the Mount Vernon area who enjoy driving in winter months because of the hazardous road conditions. We want to let you know that if you become stranded because your car is resting on snow or ice and you cannot get out of a ditch that you can use kitty litter, sand, or salt to try to break yourself free.

?One of salt's properties is that it can melt snow. This can be used under your vehicle or in a ditch to try to get down below the snow or ice so that your tires have something firm to grab on to. Also, even though sand and kitty litter do not have snow melting properties they can both be used to build up under your tires but above the snow or ice to create a layer of rough ground for your tires to grip on to so that you can get out of a ditch.
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