Ford Explorer

Even though the auto market offers a dizzying array of car brands and models, Ford Explorer is definitely a safe and smart package. This new SUV model packs a host of safety and driver assist features. If you love to tow, then, this is the perfect model for you. Ford Explorer is designed to haul a significant amount of load and still have a big space for passengers inside.

Ford Explorer gets an improved external revamp as well as a sleek internal re-design encompassing an edge cutting technology bundling a bunch of interconnected devices. The minor revamps availed some of the critical updates and features such as the new grille and fog lights. Not forgetting the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6, the car has a particular kind of agility that is rare in such sorts of SUVs. The interior gets other updates packing a Wi-Fi hotspot, and smart driver assists package.
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