The Ford Mustang Has Pure Muscle Sound

When you are cruising in a Ford Mustang, you receive instant recognition as to the car you are driving. Everyone knows it's a Mustang because of its iconic look and sound. The throaty rumble and sleek exterior announces the presence of this popular performance car.

Sound can be as important a sense as sight. Knowing this, the engineers at The Ford Company have designed a new responsive exhaust system that features different options for sound emissions from the exhaust. With the push of a button, drivers can choose loud or quiet sound that is achieved by the opening and closing of valves within the exhaust system.

To truly appreciate the effect of this responsive exhaust system, come in to Donley Ford Lincoln of Mt. Vernon Inc. and take one of our Mustangs out for a test drive. We are convinced that you will be convinced of the superiority of the Ford Mustang. You will have fun playing with the exhaust system!



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