Ford Pre-Owned Vehicles: Maintaining A Higher Standard

​If Ford was any other company they might be able to get away with reselling used vehicles that no longer had the kind of quality that Ford drivers expect. However, that is not what they do. The want even their pre-owned vehicles to have the very highest standards of quality to them.

Ford puts their vehicles through a battery of tests to make sure they are ready for the next driver before they give them the seal of approval. There are a total of 172 points of inspection that a pre-owned Ford goes through before it can be considered certified. Any flaws are taken care of with brand new factory authorized parts, and the technician makes sure that the vehicle has fewer than 80,000 miles on it as well.

The hard work and dedication that goes into these pre-owned Ford vehicles is important to maintaining the quality of the vehicle that is purchased, and that is why the company goes the extra step.



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