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As the miles fly by your windshield, it's common that Ford drivers grow attached to their vehicle. As your lease is approaching its conclusion, it's important to be aware of your options. It's possible to continue to enjoy the unparalleled driving experience you've come to expect from Ford. Donley Ford of Mt. Vernon has created this informative guide which will provide you with an explanation of how to conclude your lease in addition to the numerous options you have to get behind the wheel of your next Ford vehicle.

Your Lease-End Countdown

6 Months Prior - Identify Your New-Vehicle Needs

Now that you're within a 6-month window of your lease ending, a great next step is to consider your new-vehicle needs. Regardless of if you're wanting to upgrade to the latest technology or are looking for a larger vehicle to fit your growing family -- you'll find plenty of great options in the Ford lineup.

4 Months Prior - Receive Your Lease-End Mailing

4 months before your lease ends, you should receive a personalized lease-end mailing. Contained inside is important information which explains your lease end options, a lease vehicle inspection sheet, and an Excess Wear and Use guide. Take some time to carefully review each of these documents in order to be properly prepared for the end of your lease.

3 Months Prior - Discuss Lease-End with Donley Ford

Donley Ford of Mt. Vernon is here to help explain all of your lease-end options, clarify details about returning your lease, and to discuss your new-vehicle needs. We have several available programs and special offers which can make it even easier to transition into your next Ford.

2 Months Prior - Prepare for Vehicle Inspection

We make it convenient by allowing you to choose an inspection location ideal for you, such as your home or office. The vehicle inspection provides you with detailed information about the condition of your vehicle, including an assessment of any Excess Wear and Use. If necessary, arrange for any needed repairs before returning your vehicle.

1 Month Prior - Schedule Your Lease-End Appointment

In the event that you've moved and it is no longer convenient to return to your originating dealer (the dealership which originated your lease), it's possible to return or purchase your lease vehicle through any participating Ford Dealer. Schedule a lease-end appointment to either Buy or Lease a New Ford, Purchase Your Lease Vehicle, or Return Your Lease Vehicle.

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3 Lease-End Options

Purchase Your Lease Vehicle

If you're like many drivers, it's natural that you've become attached to your Ford. In the event that you're not quite ready to part ways, it's possible to purchase your vehicle at lease-end. A purchase option price at lease-end is included in your lease contract. To fulfill your lease obligations, you'll need to:

  • Facilitate lease-end requirements, such as reviewing and signing the Odometer Statement (required by federal law)
  • Satisfy any remaining financial obligations
  • Complete your vehicle purchase transaction

Purchase or Lease a New Ford Vehicle

No matter if you're eager to get behind the wheel of the latest version of your current Ford model or are excited about choosing another Ford -- our team is ready to help. Since you're a returning Ford lessee, you could potentially be eligible for significant savings on your next lease. Interested in purchasing a new Ford? We offer competitive pricing in addition to special incentives to help maximize your savings. All you need to do is return your current lease and we'll work alongside you to help you choose your next Ford.

Return Your Lease Vehicle

Our goal is to make returning your lease as simple and stress-free as possible. Our recommendation is that your schedule an appointment to help save you time. It's also a good idea to have your completed Vehicle Inspection and Excess Wear and Use guide with you at your appointment.

Excess Wear and Use Guidelines

Below, you will find a useful chart which gives you detailed information regarding Excess Wear and Use. In order to avoid any Excess Wear and Use charges, we recommend you complete necessary repairs prior to returning your leased vehicle. Your Ford Dealer is there for you, in the event that you have any needs or questions about necessary repairs.

Damage Normal Wear and Use Excess Wear and Use
Exterior body panel dings, dents and scratches Up to three (3) per panel with a diameter up to 4 inches Four (4) or more per panel or any with diameter greater than 4 inches
Glass No glass damage All glass damage is chargeable (even small cracks and chips can compromise safety)
Lenses (headlights, taillights and markers) Scratches and scuffs Cracked or broken
Wheels Scratches and gouges up to 6 inches Scratches or gouges greater than 6 inches
Tires No sidewall damage/plugs or exposed cords/belts Any sidewall damage/plugs, exposed cords/belts or tires that are not an appropriate match for the vehicle
Interior burn holes Up to two (2) per panel with diameter up to 1/8 inch Three (3) or more per panel or any with diameter greater than 1/8 inch
Interior permanent stains One (1) per panel up to 1/2 inch Two (2) per panel or any greater than 1/2 inch
Interior cuts and tears Up to two (2) per panel up to 1/2 inch Three (3) or more per panel or any greater than 1/2 inch